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Cinema 4D

3D for the real world

The combination of a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse and CINEMA 4D's intuitive interface and logical workflow makes it easy to dive in to a world of stunning digital creativity. Using a 3D mouse engages both hands in a balanced and cooperative work style. One hand uses the 3D mouse to position the model or scene, viewing from all sides while the other hand simultaneously uses the traditional mouse to select, create and edit.

It’s a two handed work style where you click a lot less and accomplish a lot more.

Why CINEMA 4D users rely on 3Dconnexion 3D mice

  1. Increase Productivity by more than 20%*1: When working with one hand, you can either navigate your model or select commands. With a 3D mouse you can do both at once saving you valuable time.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Up to 50% fewer mouse clicks*2 by spreading the workload across both hands.
  3. Design Performance*1: Whether you’re working on a sketch or a complex 3D model, the superior navigation experience encourages levels of model exploration that lead to higher quality visual effects.

*1 Source: The Economic Payback of 3D Mice white paper - July 2008
*2 Source: Reducing Physical Discomfort and Pain Among 3D Computer Users - VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics ©2005

Powerful Navigation

Working with just a mouse forces you to constantly shift between navigation and editing. With a 3D mouse, you can simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate in one fluid motion. Navigation becomes second nature, so you stay totally focused on your work

Tools and functions at your fingertips

Map any CINEMA 4D function or tool to the 3D mouse Intelligent Function Keys so you don’t need to move your hand to the keyboard or use the traditional mouse to select menu items.

Know where you are

The 3D mouse automatically detects as you change applications so you always have the right functions at the right time.

Animate from every angle

Perfecting your shot so that it looks great from every angle can take forever. With a 3D mouse, you can check it from every angle, while your mouse edits. Your mouse hand adjusts while your other hand instantly delivers the perfect view with the 3D mouse.


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