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3ds Max

Create stunning 3D in less time

Imagine being able to tumble/track/dolly in one fluid motion, without shuffling between the mouse and keyboard. With a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse, you can control the camera or navigate around scenes, while you select, create and edit with the traditional mouse or tablet!

Autodesk® 3ds Max® users can now experience 3Dconnexion's intelligent 3D navigation - the ultimate level of control for game developers, visual effects artists and graphic designers.

Intelligent 3D Navigation

Whether working with larger models or focusing on intricate details, the 3D mouse automatically follows your point of interest to continuously determine the optimal center of rotation.  In addition, the center of rotation is visualized (optional) giving a reference point as you tumble/track/dolly. It feels natural so you stay focused.

Tools and functions at your fingertips

Map any 3ds Max function or tool to the 3D mouse Intelligent Function Keys so you don’t need to move your hand to the keyboard or use the traditional mouse to select menu items.

Multitask in multiple windows

A 3D mouse gives you greater control for tasks requiring two or more windows, such as editing in an orthographic view while you navigate and inspect your design in a perspective window. You can switch effortlessly between 2D and 3D windows, providing dedicated 3D view control while you adjust vertices in the 2D edit window with your mouse.

Get inside the studio

Access important 3D mouse settings via the 3D mouse pop-up menu. Easily switch between Camera and Scene Movement, adjust Center of Rotation options, enable Auto Key Animation and other features. For example, create an animation by selecting Camera mode and enabling Auto Key Animation via the pop-up menu. Move the scene and object and play it back with the touch of a button!

Why 3ds Max users rely on 3Dconnexion 3D mice

  1. Increase Productivity by more than 20%*1: When working with one hand, you can either navigate your model or select commands. With a 3D mouse you can do both at once saving you valuable time.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Up to 50% fewer mouse clicks*2 by spreading the workload across both hands.
  3. Design Performance*1: Whether you’re working on a sketch or a complex 3D model, the superior navigation experience encourages levels of model exploration that lead to higher quality visual effects.

*1 Source: The Economic Payback of 3D Mice white paper - July 2008
*2 Source: Reducing Physical Discomfort and Pain Among 3D Computer Users - VSI Risk Management and Ergonomics ©2005

“In my experience people pick up using a 3D mouse really quickly and they soon become indispensible. It’s a much faster way to work, and workflow is key to staying competitive in the 3D industry”.
Dave Davidson