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How can 3D Mouse support be added to my favorite application?

If an application is not listed under All Supported Applications it is very likely that this application has no support for 3D mice yet.

In order to use any application with 3Dconnexion devices, support would need to be added inside the application itself.

The majority of applications have added 3D device recognition inside their software and use only the basic device driver from 3Dconnexion.


Adding 3D device support to an application is determined by the application developer rather than by 3Dconnexion. 3Dconnexion has an SDK [Software Development Kit] available which any software developer of the application vendor can download at no cost and which allows the integration of 3D device support in any software.



We advise customers to contact the Customer Service of applications that are lacking support and request it be added in future versions of their software. The decision to include 3D support in their development schedule is often influenced by the level of customer interest.