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"Button Mapping Editor" and "Device Settings" are grayed out in NX

This article applies only to the legacy driver - 3DxSoftware 3.18.0 or earlier.

The 3DConnexion Plug-in for NX requires the following System Environment Variables to be set correctly:

  1. Rename the global system environment variable from "UGII_3DCONNEXION_LIBRARY" to "UGII_3DCONNEXION_LIBRARY_BAK"
  2. Open the following file (e.g. for NX6): C:\Program Files\UGS\NX 6.0\UGII\ugii_env.dat
  3. Add the following line to this file: UGII_3DCONNEXION_LIBRARY=${UGII_BASE_DIR}\UGALLIANCE\vendor\startup\3dxnx.dll

Repeat steps 2. and 3. for all NX installations.