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3DxWareMac 10.5.0 Installation Notes for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

On macOS 10.13, customers will need to manually enable 3Dconnexion’s driver (version 10.5.0 or newer). Due to a design change to macOS, users must now manually enable the kernel extension (3Dconnexion.kext) to allow it to be loaded and complete the installation.

If the driver is installed on a fresh macOS 10.13 system, meaning the 3Dconnexion driver was never installed, the user will be prompted by a warning dialog as shown in the picture below. No warning is displayed if the system already had a driver installation before upgrading to macOS 10.13.


Picture 1: The “System Extension Blocked” warning shown during 3DxWare 10 installation

The installation will continue while this dialog is up and the user may confirm this dialog with “OK”. The user will then have to open the System Preferences panel, navigate to the “Security & Privacy” pane as show in highlighted area of Picture 2.




Picture 2: The “Security & Privacy” icon in the System Preferences panel. Note: In the picture, the System Preferences panel look was darkened to highlight “Security & Privacy”.

In the “Security & Privacy” pane, the user will see – again highlighted in picture 3 for better visibility – a message about software from “3Dconnexion S.A.M.” being blocked.

Picture 3: The “System Extension Blocked” warning shown during 3DxWare 10 installation

The user will have to enable the driver by clicking on the “Allow” button. After the button has been clicked, the message and button will vanish.

Note that this message will be displayed only for 30 minutes.

Upon each time the extension is tried to be loaded (but not allowed), the customer will see this note appearing here again for another 30 minutes but no visual warning dialog, like in Picture 1, will be shown.