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08.05.2018 15:00 Age: 2 yrs

SpaceMouse simplifies navigation in Creo

3Dconnexion „Intelligent 3D Navigation“ feature replaces the manual setting of the rotation point.


Munich, May 8th 2018 – 3Dconnexion, makers of powerful input devices for CAD and 3D professionals, announces that it is now possible to navigate models in Creo even faster and more comfortably. The basis for this is the complete integration of the 3Dconnexion driver by PTC.

Intelligent 3D Navigation (I3DN) was developed by 3Dconnexion to simplify working with design software. Users of a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse already benefit from the advantages of the feature in numerous CAD applications and from now on also the users of PTC Creo.

The software automatically detects and sets the optimal centre of rotation on the screen, regardless of whether a designer is working with large models or focusing on details. A manual setting of the rotation point is thus unnecessary. This offers two decisive advantages for Creo users: a navigation that is more precise and the reduction of manual steps which leads to a faster and more comfortable working experience.

The integration is available from Creo Version 3 M160, Version 4 M040 and Creo 5 M000; only in combination with the 3Dconnexion driver software 3DxWare 10.

The functionality of the feature shows this video: www.youtube.com/watch