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Product overview

SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit


Original price $ 429

When you pair a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise with a CadMouse and CadMouse Pad the whole is most definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Package contents: SpaceMouse Enterprise, CadMouse, CadMouse Pad, USB Cable 1.5 m, Twin-port USB-Hub

$ 399.00

SpaceMouse Enterprise


With SpaceMouse Enterprise, 3Dconnexion’s most advanced 3D mouse ever, you can instantly focus on the active task and experience an unprecedented real-time understanding of 3D engineering design.

$ 399.00

SpaceMouse Pro Wireless


The optimal tool for the modern, mobile CAD workstation, SpaceMouse Pro Wireless offers programmable Intelligent Function Keys, easy manipulation of 3D models, keyboard modifiers and much more, all in a wireless format with up to 2 months of battery life.

Package contents: SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, Carry Case, Universal Receiver, USB Cable 1.5 m, USB Cable 0.5 m,

$ 329.00

SpaceMouse Pro


SpaceMouse¬ģ Pro delivers 3Dconnexion's superior 3D navigation experience combined with an advanced ergonomic design and innovative On-Screen Display for a comfortable and more productive workflow.

$ 299.00

SpaceMouse Wireless Kit


The wireless CAD solution for mobile engineering and an efficient two handed workflow.

Package contents: SpaceMouse Wireless with carry case, CadMouse Wireless with carry case, CadMouse Pad Compact, Universal Receiver, USB Cable 1.5m

$ 199.00

SpaceMouse Wireless


Whether you are reviewing 3D drawings in a meeting room or presenting 3D design ideas at your partner office, SpaceMouse Wireless offers you the functionality to navigate efficiently in CAD applications anywhere.

Package contents: SpaceMouse Wireless, Carry Case, Universal Receiver, USB Cable 1.5 m

$ 149.00

SpaceMouse Compact


With its iconic, pure design the SpaceMouse Compact was developed for users who search for an intuitive, precise and effortless navigation within the 3D enviroment of their CAD applications.

$ 129.00


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