help my space navigator has a skin disease....... serious!

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Re: help my space navigator has a skin disease....... serious!

Post by Phil999 » Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:39 pm

sorry to hear and see such damage. I can only guess that it may have something to do with hot climate or high humidity.

Because I have two Space Navigator devices from the first batch, soon after they were available. Can't remember the date, but they must have been fabricated with the old formula. Both of them are still in daily use. They look, feel, and function as new. One of them needs calibration more often, the other one maybe once a year. I can't say that I work in a very clean environment, and to be honest I don't wash my hands too often.

So I would say it is nobody's fault if the surface gets ugly. The devices are well built and last over a decade, these are quality products. It must be the climatic condition, or cleaning agents, soap remnants with high/low ph value, perfumes where the alcohol acts as a solvent, something like that. Difficult to say.

But I know the problem from other - mostly cheap - electronic devices. The best thing is probably to remove the coating, as advised before. It worked for me.
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Re: help my space navigator has a skin disease....... serious!

Post by pintom » Sun Jun 23, 2019 2:42 pm

We pay good money for these expensive products and we shouldn't have to remove a surface finish because it is faulty. The customer shouldn't have to modify the product to be able to use it as intended. The poor excuse of "the environment, PH of the user, etc., is not an answer for a faulty surface finish. 3dconnexion owes their customers a refund for these faulty products.
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