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Get button events

Post by hart » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:20 am

Hello everyone,

I am new to 3DxWare and I am currently working on a Qt app on Windows 10 that captures the SpaceNavigator events (translations, rotations and button press) and send them on a network.
However, the app is not receiving the SI_BUTTON_EVENT, SI_BUTTON_PRESS_EVENT and SI_BUTTON_RELEASE_EVENT. I get the translation and rotation event but not the buttons.

When I click on a button, the radial menu pops and no event is captured at all.

I guess it got to do with the configuration of the device but how do you programmatically set that the mouse should pass the buttons events to the app instead of the current configuration?

Thanks a lot for the help!

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Re: Get button events

Post by jwick » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:23 am

Hello hart,

Yes, the default configuration does not send the buttons directly to you. Many are captured for things like Radial Menus & kb events.
You can see what cfg is being used now by hovering over the 3Dx systray icon when your app is running.

Does your application have a window that gets focus? If so, you can make a cfg for your application that passes the events directly to you w/o driver intervention.

It's difficult to send files on this forum. Can I ask you to sign up as a developer if you have not already done so? Then send an email to the API support contact and we can help you from there.

3Dx Software Dev

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