What is the current 3DXWare Version and Firmware verison ?

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What is the current 3DXWare Version and Firmware verison ?

Post by jclements » Thu Dec 21, 2006 11:41 pm

The web download lists 3.0.9 for Win XP.

My 3DConnexion help menu indicates a higher Firmware version of 3.11.

Can someone please validate the correct info for SpaceTraveler, Win XP?

Thanks, John

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SOftware, Driver, Firmware

Post by agoenczi » Fri Dec 22, 2006 1:22 am

Hi jclements

This is an opportunity to clarify the different terms.

The firmware is built in into the hardware of a device (in a ROM , or a similar chip).

The 3DxSoftware contains not only a generic driver (3DxWare), but also different plug-ins for specific applications. The current 3DxSoftware version is v3-0-9, the previous one was the v3-0-7 and so on.

3DxWare is the real generic driver. The recent version is v6-0-16.

The different plug-ins have also different version numbers. For example the current plug-in for NX 4, called 3DxNX has the version 2.1.6.

For the SpaceTraveler you should have the driver 3DxSoftware v3-0.9 and the 3DxWare v6-0-16, when you wish to have the most recent Software.

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