Disable Camera control for specific camera's

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Disable Camera control for specific camera's

Post by Keithlostracco » Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:54 am

Hello, I recently found out that the it is not possible disable particular camera's in Maya (probably in other apps as well).

I'm finding quite tricky to work around. With a lot of my work I set up cameras that cannot be moved or the project will not succeed. The problem is if I touch my SpaceMouse by accident while a window displaying a "locked" camera's view the it will move the camera. In Maya even if all the camera transform parameters are locked the Space Mouse will still move the pivot (which is not lockable). This can be extremely problematic and a difficult problem to track down once this camera has been exported as an .fbx.

It would be great to have list of camera's that can be disabled or enabled. Even the ability to make config file that has a list of camera names to be exclude that would be amazing.


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