Logitech is making 3DConnexion STALE

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Logitech is making 3DConnexion STALE

Post by Riptide360 » Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:57 pm

Took an Autodesk inventor class at the San Jose tech shop and the teacher mentioned that 3D mouses where the way to go for 3D modeling for 3D printers (plastic CNC), Shopbot (wood CNC) and Tormach (metal CNC).

After some research I settled on the Space Navigator because it had more heft than the laptop version (complaints about it moving around) and it didn't have hardwired non-replacable batteries like the wireless version.

Seems like you should get on board with growing the market by mainstream the product. Why not make a 3D Connexion navigator that docks with a hard wired solid base, but can be pulled off to be a smaller wireless version. Go with Bluetooth instead of the USB radio chip. Upgrade the USB to USB3. Add a serial number and model number to the base of the unit (laser etched). Add a kensington lock so labs, schools and tech shops could introduce you to more customers without worry of theft.

Redesign the installer - do you really need to ship a CD? Just go with a web installer. The install is painful. The app presets and the user forums should all be streamlined into the app. Seriously contract top UI designers to map out a set of presets for your 3D mice and get the core functionality supported from the get go. Let users share and vote on custom presets. Adobe Creative Cloud apps NEED to be supported. It is crazy that Adobe Premiere with it's video timeline and use of all kinds of jog/****** controls in video editing isn't supported. WTF. All AutoDesk products should be supported. You seriously need to get them on board since this is your bread and butter! Solid works needs to be there.

You are missing the whole MAKE movement and 3D printers. A generation of X, Y, Z CNC controller machines are being created on Kickstarter and growing into serious companies and you haven't gotten them to standardize on your interface. Get Logitech corporate development folks to get off their Arses and get evangelists to get your foot into these exploding markets. Maker ware, Cura,etc. all print 3D models but have no concept about you.

Get on board with mobile. If you go with Bluetooth you could open a whole new market with iOS and Android games. You could even port to Sony PS4 by just writing an API that allows your usage as a simple bluetooth controller. Seriously rethink mobile and come up with a $40 simplified 3D controller that looks cool. Get mainstream young consumer adoption of your controller and once they learn they'll never want anything else. Google VR goggles with your 3D mouse would be way cool!

Incentivize developers to add 3DConnexion preferences right in their app and when no controller is detected let them get an affiliate link to your site for a user to buy one where a good chunk of revenue share goes to the developer. If the standardize and promote you they'll make sure your product works with each release!

Time to reinvest in 3DConnexion or else remain a niche Autodesk add on that only a handful of folks know about.

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Re: Logitech is making 3DConnexion STALE

Post by Tehrasha » Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:18 am

Cant blame Logitech for any of that.

3DConnexion stopped being 'a Logitech company' back in 2011.
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