Catia V5R20 wont work with space navgator in RDP

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Catia V5R20 wont work with space navgator in RDP

Post by roberty » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:00 am

Here is my situation.

I have NX8.5, RTM, Catia V5R20, Solidworks 2014 installed on Server 2012 R2 with remote desktop service enabled for few users. These few users use WYSE terminal to RDP to Server 2012. SpaceNavgatior is directly connect to wyse terminal. In order to make this work, we have to install TCX from wyse on our server 2012 R2, this will make sure that server 2012 R2 will know when usb devices plug into wyse terminal while RDP to server.

So, This works great with NX, RTM, Solidworks, but wont work with Catia.

Any idea why?

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Re: Catia V5R20 wont work with space navgator in RDP

Post by Fred » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:09 am

When a 3Dconnexion device works outside of Catia - such as in the 3Dconnexion Jet demo - but not inside Catia the most likely cause is firewall software preventing Catia from seeing the device .[Start, All Programs, 3Dconnexion, Demo- Jet Demo]

Catia recognizes a USB device as a network connection.This FAQ describes the firewall exception needed:

Typically on a network an IT tech is needed to add a firewall exception. To add an exception for the Catia executable - CNEXT.EXE - the IT tech needs to determine where on your system CNEXT.exe is located. Common paths for CNEXT.exe are C:|Program Files|Dassault Systemes|B17|intel_a|code|bin|CNEXT.exe
C:|Program Files|Dassault Systemes|B17SP5PRALL|intel_a|code|bin|CNEXT.exe"
C:|Program Files|Dassault Systemes|B19|win_b64|code|bin|CNEXT.exe

To add a firewall exception for the 3Dconnexion software, add the path for 3dxsrv.exe [C:|Program Files|3Dconnexion|3Dconnexion 3DxSoftware|3DxWare|3dxsrv.exe] On a 64-bit system the 3DxWare folder is 3DxWare64.
When navigation is present in the demos but not in Catia , check whether it was working then stopped after a Catia crash. This forum thread describes a Windows7 registry key created after a Catia crash that must be removed to re-enable navigation.


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