Can't uninstall

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Can't uninstall

Post by jmi-chuck » Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:39 pm

I'm trying to uninstall so that I can install a new version (it's asking me to) and I can't do it.

It says "Please insert disk 1 that contains the file layout.bin.

And then give me a path to look for file " pft76f5.tmp

Any suggestions

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Post by Fred » Fri Apr 15, 2011 5:27 am

Do you remember which driver you installed before the update?
If so go to our site choose your device select archive and see if the driver version is still available.
Save the file to the pc then install.
Next go to add remove programs and uninstall driver.

Go to our site and download the install the current driver.

If this doesnt work or you cant find the previous driver.
Perform a clean uninstall ... red=faq/28
also delete the Temp folder files on your pc.

If you dont know how to delete the Temp folder:
Option 1
1. Click Start | My Computer.
2. Right-click the desired hard drive and click Properties.
3. On the General tab, click the Disk Cleanup button.
4. The utility will perform a check on your system and eventually display a dialog box showing the different categories of temporary files that can be deleted and the amount of disk space you can gain by deleting the files in each category. Review the dialog box and select the check box next to each category you want to clean up, such as the Temporary files.
5. Complete the wizard and the Temp folder will be cleaned.


Option 2
1. Click Start | Run. In the dialog box that appears, type C:\Windows\Temp and click OK.
2. This opens the Temp folder. You can delete everything in the Temp folder, including all subfolders. Click Edit | Select All, then just press DELETE on your keyboard.

Win 7, Vista:

1.Click on Start, type the following command in the search box, and then hit the Enter key.

%temp%This command will open the folder that Windows Vista has designated as the Temporary folder. These are folders and files that Windows needed at one time but are no longer useful. Everything in this folder is safe to delete.

2.To remove individual folders or files, hold down your Ctrl key while left-clicking on each item you want delete. Release the Ctrl key when you're finished.

3.To delete these items, hit your Delete key or click the Organize button on the toolbar menu, followed by the Delete option.

You will probably be prompted to confirm that you wish to Delete Multiple Items. Click on Yes to confirm.

4.If you'd instead like to remove everything inside the Temp folder, click on the Organize button and then choose Select All from the menu.

Note: If you're prompted that there are hidden files in this folder, just click on OK to bypass the message. A few hidden files hanging out in the Temp folder probably aren't important enough to worry about.

5.Again, to delete these items, hit your Delete key or click the Organize button on the toolbar menu, followed by the Delete option.

You will probably be prompted again to confirm that you wish to Delete Multiple Items. Click on Yes to confirm.

6.After all of the files have been deleted you can close the folder window and empty your Recycle Bin, permanently removing the files from your PC.

1.You may receive a Error Deleting File or Folder message while the files are being deleted. This just means that one of the files is in use by a program right now. Click OK, close all open programs, and repeat the steps above. If you still receive the message, try restarting your PC and repeating the process again

Next install current 3DXdriver.

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Post by blueboy499 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:31 am

If that didn't work, try a program that force removes applications like CCleaner or File Shredder.

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Re: Can't uninstall

Post by burtan2000 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:28 am

The problems is that 3Dconnexion does not show up as an installed program in Programs through Control Panel OR even in CCleaner. And yet, there it is in Task Manager. I just tried manually uninstalling it and it FORCED me to go thru this repetitive process for every program add-on it has (a few dozen) just for it to tell me that it can't the files it needs to delete. I couldn't cancel out of it or close it thru TM, i had to trudge thru it one by one.

Why is this thing so hard to just get rid of? I just want it gone.

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Re: Can't uninstall

Post by UtaSH » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:49 am

Hello burtan2000,

once the installation was changed manually or any other process (e.g. CCleaner) has touched it the installer tool has problems to properly uninstall. And if the previous installation wasn't properly uninstalled the new installation cannot be finished.

I recommend that you follow the instructions here and then contact our Technical Support Team. They can either help you or forward the issue to the next level of expertise.

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