3dsmax 2021 BUG: Navigation Mode bug resets

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3dsmax 2021 BUG: Navigation Mode bug resets

Post by yetidynamics » Sat May 23, 2020 10:22 pm

This is a Bug, The navigation mode resets to Target camera mode under the following conditions (which happen OFTEN) in 3dsmax 2021

In the advanced settings for the 3dconnexion software, set navigation mode to "Camera mode"

In 3dsmax, change the viewport to Orthogonal. . navigation mode will change back to " Target camera mode" This makes sense from a technical perspective because you can't really rotate an Orthogonal camera. never the less...

IF you change back to Perspective mode, Navigation mode will stay in "target camera mode"
Proper behavior would be for the software to change the navigation mode back to "Camera mode"

This has made my job very frustrating. as I switch between Ortho and perspective quite frequently.

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Re: 3dsmax 2021 BUG: Navigation Mode bug resets

Post by UtaSH » Tue May 26, 2020 3:05 am

Hi yetidynamics,

this is a known issue (our internal bug number is WIN-619) and we fixed it in our latest driver release - 3DxWare 10.6.7. Is this the version that you installed? The version of the plugin in 3dsmax (3DxStudio) has to be 7.0.3

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