Update or uninstallation of 3DxWare fails (solved)

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Update or uninstallation of 3DxWare fails (solved)

Post by tsunderobsi » Mon May 18, 2020 4:51 am

So, I spent a fair amount of time on this, and finally got a solution to the following issue:

Connecting a new Spacemouse Pro to a PC that had an older version of the mouse installed and try to install the current version of the 3DConnexion software package. This results in an incomplete uninstallation of the previous driver version and results in
1. Can't uninstall old version of 3DxWare (mine was 10.4.5)
2. Can't install new version of 3DxWare (10.6.7) because old version is installed

If the steps provided in the support article by 3Dconnexion (found here: https://www.3dconnexion.de/nc/service/f ... ndows.html) do not help you, just download one of the old installers from https://www.3dconnexion.de/service/legacy-driver.html and reinstall the obsolete package first, then uninstall it and finally run the new installer.
In my case, as there was no version 10.4.5 available to download, I used the 10.4.10 installer.

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