3ds Max 2020 - Spacenavigator Bugs

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3ds Max 2020 - Spacenavigator Bugs

Post by thempus » Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:50 pm

Few bugs I noticed with spacenavigator that make it somewhat unusable in comparison to previous versions (used to be 100% perfect on old drivers and 3ds max 2018:

- For some reason the 3dxware software keeps reseting my settings back to "Target Camera Mode", no matter how many times I change it back to my preferred mode "Camera Mode"
- On the brief moments that it allows me to use "Camera Mode" the movement speed now is defined by how far away the camera is from the origin point 0,0,0. So if my camera is very far the movement is insanely fast and makes it completely on large projects.
- The speed of the movement should be defined by the "Target Distance" like it was on previous versions (3ds max 2018 for example) and not by how far the camera is from the center of the scene.

I even tried to use the "Target Camera Mode" since it is forcing me to use it, but the "Auto Center" feature is terrible since it depends on unreliable Raycasting technique that doesn't detect the surfaces properly.

Is there any beta versions of the driver that has this issues fixed? If so please let me be part of it, right now I can't use it at all as it is very unreliable and I had to move to 3ds max 2020.

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Re: 3ds Max 2020 - Spacenavigator Bugs

Post by luping » Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:48 am

Try the newly released 3DxWare v10.6.7, and tell the result.

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