Up/Dwn Zoom Direction on Space Mouse Reversed

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Up/Dwn Zoom Direction on Space Mouse Reversed

Post by sgensemer » Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:25 am

Have an issue with the latest 3DxWare64 driver 10.6.3 r3045:

In SolidWorks 2018, SP5 running in Windows 10 Pro Version 1903:
Defaults work fine, though I don't like zoom and spin. I prefer to set Zoom Direction to Up/Down.

If I set Zoom Direction to Up/Down, Up/Down direction and "Z" spin are reversed. If I clear the check boxes under the "Reverse" column in the advanced tab - nothing changes. I cannot tell you how disorientating this is. Try and rotate a model when half the inputs are reversed. It's unpleasantly like being drunk.

When I was on Windows 7 Pro (Our office just changed over to Windows 10) Zoom Direction set to Up/Down worked great. No Issues. (I was running 3DxWare64 driver 10.6.0 r2972.)

If I uninstall 3DxWare64 driver 10.6.3 r3045 and go BACK to 3DxWare64 driver 10.6.0 r2972, Zoom Direction again works great and as expected.

So something is wrong with the current driver. I can't test the current driver on Windows 7 as I no longer have access.

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