Spaceball4000FLX Serial and spaceNavigator on same computer

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Spaceball4000FLX Serial and spaceNavigator on same computer

Post by aliceprince » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:25 pm

I am currently using a SpaceBall - serial port connection at work and I just bought a SpaceNavigator. I installed the new software and the SpaceNavigator worked but my SpaceBall did not. I uninstalled the new software and installed the old v2-8-2 software and my SpaceBall is working again. What will happen when I plug my SpaceNavigator into my computer? Can I switch back and forth between these 2 products?

FYI - I am not trying to run these products at the same time.

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Re: Spaceball4000FLX Serial and spaceNavigator on same computer

Post by jwick » Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:12 pm

I don't think there was a driver that supported both but you can try. The readme.txt file in 2.8.2 will say which devices are supported.
You can probably leave both attached and just swap between the drivers.

You don't have to go through an uninstall/install procedure if that is inconvenient. There isn't that much involved.

1) There is an HKLM/3Dconnexion key that will need to be changed. In particular, Home Directory points to where "3DxWinCore" is installed.
2) There are two dlls in your system32 dir (siappdll.dll and spwini.dll) that you will need to swap.
3) Then the entire "3DxWinCore" directory (or whatever we called it back then) can be copied/renamed.
You probably could even have two directories side by side and run the driver from whichever you want.

Lots of probablys in there...

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