New 3DxWare driver issue with SketchUp pro 2019

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New 3DxWare driver issue with SketchUp pro 2019

Post by Guillo » Sun Jul 21, 2019 1:14 am


I just upgraded SketchUp from version 2018 to 2019 and after that, the 3DxWare driver and I have some thoughts.

I can see that the camera movement with ortographic view is now supported (wich is sweet!), but now, there are two very annoying behaviours. I'm talking about the way the camera could fly through walls like they weren't there and also use its own center to look around.

This was super useful, because with a regular mouse, I had to roll the scroll wheel many times to get through a wall or use the pan tool and make a weird, side motion. The old version kept the same speed regardless of what was in front of it... If there was a wall I knew I could just give my 3d mouse a little push and I was on the other side...

Now it slows down when it's in front of a wall and it remains slow until it passes through and then goes SUPER FAST because now there's no wall to stop it and it does that whether the "barrier" is at the front, at the sides, up or down. This is really annoying!

Also, I used to be able to "look around" with my 3d mouse by moving the mouse around in several directions at once. Now it chooses a weird rotation center (and yes, I tried playing with the "Auto" and "Use selected item" options) to wich I just can't get used to. Am I missing something here? What can I do to make my mouse work like it used to?

I wish I could just use a previous release of the driver, but this is the first one to support Sketchup 2019.

Please send help :(

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