SpaceMouse Not Responding After Driver Update

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SpaceMouse Not Responding After Driver Update

Post by CaptSpaceMaus » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:36 pm

I updated the SpaceMouse Wireless driver from 10.5.11 to 10.6.0 this afternoon because it seemed that navigation in Sketchup had become jerky - it seemed that I often had issues with delicate movements, and especially zooming very close, and would resort to using the pan and orbit tools in the program using my regular mouse.

Info at indicated the driver 3DxWare64_v10-6-0r2972.exe was intended for a variety of space mice, one of which is the SpaceMouse Wireless - which is what I have.

After the update, I rebooted the computer as the installation indicated must be done. Once the computer was rebooted, I opened Sketchup. I use Google SketchUp 8 and Trimble Sketchup Make 2014 (or vs 14). The space mouse was unresponsive in either version of SU. The mouse buttons also did not work, and while the mouse was fully charged, the information icons below the image of the mouse in "Notepad" were greyed out, and when I would hover the cursor of my regular mouse over the battery icon, a bubble would pop open with "unknown."

Trimble, as I'm sure 3DC is aware of, has stopped creating new free versions of SU, having shunted non-pro users who didn't already have desktop versions of SU, and others who cannot justify the cost(s) of SU Pro to a web-based version, and slowly dropping support for downloads in older SU formats in the 3D Warehouse. Is 3DC also leaving behind those of us who prefer to continue to use extentions and our SpaceMice in older versions rather than being reduced to using their useless web-based SU?

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