Assigning Shortcuts for Photoshop-Control.

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Assigning Shortcuts for Photoshop-Control.

Post by losiledlighting » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:09 pm

I and rather wonder that you are no longer promoting Photoshop as a supported application, anyway:

your last discussion about Photoshop somehow interrupted, so i try to re-connect this.

Could you give an exact method, to assign (according that very brush-size-problem) e.g. "." and "," to the translation of the wheel.

We in germany have a slight problem with the shortcuts of brush size and smoothness of brushes: the are somewhere over the whole keyboard.

If assigning as mentioned "." and "," for brush size I could easy realize the smoothness by holding shift (due to I would assign ";" and ":" to the smoothness in Photoshop itself which are situated on a German keyboard directly on the same two buttons only in Caps-Mode)

THX for your Help, and please try to develop an easier way of assigning personal shortcut/macros and especially a better recognition or maybe manual assigning of different applications and their shortcuts for the future.

Overall a very fundamental product, i will just promote it to lots of my colleagues via uni-blog.

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