Bug: 3DxService.exe constantly reading on disk

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Bug: 3DxService.exe constantly reading on disk

Post by hoegge » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:16 am

The 3DxService.exe seems to constantly read from disk. It reads the metadata of the executable of the window in focus many times each second (> 10 ten times per second ~ i.e 1,4 million times per day!). I suppose it is to see if the program is supported by the spacemouse / 3DConnection software, by also reading the version of the file? But to read it almost 20 times per second seems like super overkill - and should be considered a bug. It should at max do it when you focus on a new window - and also only once per session - the exe file does not change suddenly. This puts an unnecessary load on the computer.

I cannot attach a screendump of the procmon output since your oldfashioned forum cannot handle a png at 314 kB ;-)


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