3DConnexion not working with firefox and onshape on MacOS and other things

Questions and answers about 3Dconnexion devices on macOS.

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3DConnexion not working with firefox and onshape on MacOS and other things

Post by jackson@rrdcs.com » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:14 pm

Hi All,

I tried using firefox browser and Onshape and could not get my 3dconnexion SM Enterprise or CAD mouse to recognize Onshape through firefox. It works fine for me when using chrome browser or safari. I have tried adding the apps to the firewall with the hopes of getting onshape and the CAD peripherals to see each other. Other users on the onshape forum have also commented that they have had issues in the same way. I had tried firefox a couple years ago and had good success with my 3dconnexion hardware working correctly. I currently have the latest drivers, 10.5.1, maybe the next driver release will remedy this issue?

Has there been any progress with getting icons to work on the SME LCD display with MacOS? It has been almost 2 years since the product rolled out and it seems strange that support for these icons has worked with windows OS from the beginning but not with MacOS.

I also still have issues with my device drivers beginning memory hogs and eventually crashing and needing to be restarted:(

Recently, the left click button switch on my CAD mouse started to fail and a single click was registering as a double click and I attempted the solder in a new omron switch but was unsuccessful, are replacement boards available for the mouse? Or is it considered a $100 throwaway item?

Today I received a new CAD mouse wireless, to replace the defunct wired CAD mouse and upon first use, I found both the bluetooth and wireless dongle connectivity to be glitchy with the cursor not moving smoothly across the screen, so for the time being, I will be using it with the included USB cable.

I have used your products for many years and in general I like the fit, finish, feel and quality of the products, but I am disappointed in the lack of equal support for MacOS as there is for Windows OS.

Thanks, Jackson

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Re: 3DConnexion not working with firefox and onshape on MacOS and other things

Post by UtaSH » Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:03 am

Hello Jackson,

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed. We have improved the quality of the CadMouse a lot since the beginning. Please contact our Technical Support Team. They will assist you with the RMA process.

To get the 3D mouse working in Onshape in Firefox the 3DxNlServer has to be running. I assume that it is the case as you said it is working in Chrome. In Firefox a certificate needs to be installed and it has to be the latest one. I do not have the version number at hand but my colleagues might have this information. Please have them troubleshooting the situation.

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