CADMouse: Middle Button Orbit in SketchUp

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CADMouse: Middle Button Orbit in SketchUp

Post by Arafura » Fri Feb 26, 2016 10:06 pm

Hi Guys,

I have a new CADMouse and can't seem to map the orbit function to the middle button in SketchUp Pro 2016. Am I doing something wrong? There just doesn't seem to be that option within the 3DConnexion driver. It seems the most elementary of functions to attribute to the middle button so I am amazed not to find it... :shock:

Any helpful tips would be most welcome. The mouse is dead without it.

I am running OSX 10.11.3 and the latest 3DConnexion driver.


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Re: CADMouse: Middle Button Orbit in SketchUp

Post by UtaSH » Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:38 am

Hello Arafura,

for the CadMouse there are very few default profiles in the driver. This means you first have to add SketchUp as new application to the profiles.
  • Verify that the CadMouse is the selected device in the 3Dconnexion preferences. You have to do this only if you have a 3D mouse connected, too.
  • Open the drop down list at the top of the 3Dconnexion preferences ("Configure") and select "Add Application ...".
  • Select SketchUp as your application. You will now have a new entry in the drop down list named "SketchUp". Use this to make any changes you want to have for the CadMouse in SketchUp.
Orbit can be launched with Command+B. This is the macro that we will create and then map to the middle button.
  • Verify that the CadMouse is the selected device in the 3Dconnexion preferences. (Applies only if a 3D mouse is connected.)
  • Verify that you have "SketchUp" selected in the top drop down list "Configure".
  • Go to the tab "Macros".
  • Click to the little + sign above the left box and enter a name for your command - e.g. "My Orbit Command".
  • In the lower box ("Macros Steps") change the entry "Type Text" to "Keystroke".
  • Click to the right field and enter the keystroke Command+B as you would do it in SketchUp to launch the command Orbit.
  • Then go to the tab "Buttons" where you select the "Middle Button".
  • Below the field with the button list you have two drop down lists. In the first "Maping:" select "Run Macro".
  • In the next one "Macro:" you will find your macro that you just created - e.g. "My Orbit Command". Select it.
If you now go back to SketchUp and click the middle mouse button of your CadMouse the Orbit command will be active.

Let me know if this is the information you were missing or if I can further assist you.

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